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About us

Bebars Consulting Group

Our company was founded in the nineties of the last century as limited partnership active in the sector of IT by Mr. Deyaa Bebar. The company grew and extended its activities by the sector “Human Progress in Technology” and “The Use of the Advanced Technologies in Modern Administration” Later also the sectors” Technical Administrative Services” and Progress in Arabic Societies” were integrated.

At the end of the nineties of the last century the company started offering commercial and medical services, interpreting and translation services and agency services for our Arabic brothers. This sector developed and grew rapidly.

We, Berbars Consulting Group GmbH are today a company with limited liability, active in the sector medical, consulting and real estate services for Arabic citizens that come to Germany.

In the sector services for Arabic citizens we have 15 years of experience already. At the beginning our limited partnership offered those services. For quite some years Bebars Consulting Group limited has been offering it.  

The medical sector BG Health Care, the centerpiece of our company strives 24 hours, seven days a week to provide medical, psychological and logistical help to Arabic patients in Munich, so that the patients feel at ease and save round the clock and that they receive human warmth that makes them forget that they are in a foreign country.

We of BG Health Care cooperate with a small group of the best, highly qualified interpreters with many years of experience, certified for their experience as interpreters in the medical sector. A part from that we are linked with the best German medical specialists. We provide transport not only to places within Germany, but also to places all over Europe to guarantee best possible medical treatment.

The list of physicians of BG health Care contains the best physicians and the best solutions for critical cases, like for example surgical interventions, the taking of fateful decisions and   difficult problems. In all those matters the company offers its aid. The company offers human warmth in psychological and moral support matters.
The sector BG Health Care has many years of experience with the best interpreters and the most proficient drivers und thus gained the confidence of its clients. The confidence is growing day by day and our confidence in offering superb services is growing along with it.

The confidence of our clients we strive to increase every day is clearly also gained by our network of relations with the best physicians, hospitals, rehabilitation and health care centers. All those relations are offered to our clients to make their choice from it and to check it in order to find the best possible solution.

The sector BG Business care of our company offers commercial consulting services and feasibility studies for Arabic investors. In this sector we cooperate with the best known consulting agencies and notaries public in Germany. We have a network of the best lawyers  and accountants in the area of alternative energies and real estate.
 In the area of solar energy in Germany Arabic investors invested up to 6 Million Euro consulted by us. Our company provided technical, logistical and administrational support during all stages.

The company also offers founding services for business men and companies wanting to open a company in Germany and wanting to extend their activities to all over Germany and Europe. It helps them to attain merits like residence titles health insurance and pension schemes.

Apart from that we offer our investors numerable options of buying first class German companies with gains. We offer best possible investment gains and enable Arabic companies to connect with leading German companies in their area of activity.

The commercial investment options offered by us are save. Apart from that, incomparable merits like a comprehensive health insurance, a pension scheme, other insurances and studies on an academic level are connected with it. All of this turns an investment in Germany into a unique and singular chance for your whole family. BG Business Care makes the impossible possible.

With our sector BG Real Estate & Construction we offer services for Arabic investors in the German building sector.  Together with them and with our financial and technical support we erected more than 60 housing units in Munich. Investments amounted to over 10 Million Euro. We contributed our technical experience. Apart from that we worked out feasibility studies for Arabic investors in connection with the acquisition of 3 hotels. Here investments amounted to 20 Million Euro.

Our sector BG Real Estate helps our Arabic brothers to find the appropriate housing units and to invest in this area. Apart from that we support everybody, who wants to erect housing units for private use or for investment until the unit is ready for use.

In striving to make our Arabic brothers feel at ease during their stay in Germany we bought a farm with Arabian horses, enabling our Arabic brothers to roam through the beautiful forests and green grasslands of Germany on the back of real Arabian horses and thus practice a traditional much beloved sport.

On our farm we raise beautiful traditional Arabian horses for the use by our clients during their stay in Germany, for export to Arabic countries and in order to open the German market for Arabic races.
We feel honored to offer our services to our brother countries not only in Munich but also all over Germany. We are very pleased to be able to guarantee that the citizens of our brother countries will be offered very quality services of the kind, only we from Bebars Consulting Group are able to offer.

Our company consists of an experienced and qualified team with a long experience in the care and organization of the stay of foreign patients and with excellent contacts in the Arab and Russian speaking countries.

BG Health Care for all his needs take care of patients. This course enables us also by the good cooperation with the best qualified doctors and nurses from the municipal and private hospitals and university hospitals in Germany.

Through our many contacts we organize cooperation between hospitals in Germany and abroad and support the development of hospitals abroad in the planning, design and management   

Why Choose Us

  • Excellent medical services
  •  Integrated support around the clock
  •  Unlimited real estate investment
  • Fun of the cure
  • The best Arabian horses
  • The quality of Translation
  •  Excellence Without Borders


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Do you have your own medical centers?
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Do you have your own medical centers?
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What type of consulting we provide?
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Contact & Support

Bebars Group GmbH

Address: Schwanthaler Straße 22

80336 Munich

Phone: +49 175 666 0000

Email: info@bebars.de